In this house, three huts are put on the flat house of the first floor. In front of the house, the spacious rice field expands. This house is designed with consideration to the relation of sight and environment.

At the first floor, the owner is pleased with the life with his family and friends, so, if the sliding doors are opened, this floor becomes one continuous space.

When they are at the first floor, they are not much conscious of the sight, because the direction of their activity is parallel to the sight.

The second floor is the private space for the owner.Each hut has isolated house atomosphere and is finished by the different material. The hut has windows at four cardinal points and the window and light are introduced in the interior.

The huts face to the sight, so the owner face up to the sight with distance himself from the daily life so that they could get the real private life.

Location : Nigata, Nigata

Architect : Daigo Ishii + Future-scape Architects

Structure Engineer : Oga Structure Design Office

Cooperation : Hiroyuki Kato

Equipment Engineer : Akeno Equipment Design Office

Construction : Ueki-gumi Construction Company


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