Church in Urnes, Sognefjord, Norway

This Church locates in the depths of Sognefjord which is longest fjord in the world. Except the on-season in the summer, the public ferry to Urnes is only run twice a day.

It is one of the stave churches which linger in Norway and the folklore culture is mixed with Christianity in the church. Stave means support column. It is dated at 1130 A. D and was designated as the World Heritage in 1979.

The pattern with memory of the local religion is attached on the Facade, and the roof is shingled with wood board. Compared with other stave churches, this church has an more primitive atmosphere by lack of the dragon style ornament on the roof.

When they reach here after long time travel, they will feel actually the life of Norwegian who prefer living with independence to living with many people in big city and the relation between locals and the church which is founded on the isolated environment. It is an attraction of Urnes.

Transportation : 1. Go to Solvorn by public bus from Sogndal of the central city in Sognefjord. 2. Change in public ferry. 3. After 15 minutes shipping, the boats arrives at Ornes port. 4. Walk 15 minutes from the port to Urnes Church.

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Upload : January, 2004

Photo by Daigo Ishii