Church in Borgund, near Sognefjord, Norway

The church appears in the small basin after passing the mountainous gorge at the end of Sognefjord.

It is a stave church constructed in 1150 A. D. This Church has a stronger local character than Urnes Church. The dragon head is projected from the roof, the pattern as snake or animal is attached on the wall, and the Runic alphabet is written on a part of the wall.

Now, the site is maintained as an open-air architecture museum where some folklore architectures are installed around the church, so, the power with the environment weakens. Besides, the national road which connects Sognefjord with Oslo passes along the church and the direct busses run frequently. So, the geographically closed atmosphere, which this place would maintain as the end of the land once, disappears.

Now, only the design of the church maintains the memory of the farther end of Norway which is at the end of Europe.

Transportation : 40 minutes by public bus from Lardal and 90 minutes from Sogndal.

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Upload : January, 2004

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Photo by Daigo Ishii