Townscape of Alesund, Norway

Alesnud is a port town which locates at west coast in Norway and is composed of some islands.

The reason I visited here is because I wanted to know the town reconstructed after a conflagration.

In 1904, the conflagration attacked the town and the town which reduced to ashes was reconstructed with art-nouveau style which was popular in the epoch.

The art nouveau architectures in Alesund are discreet compared with that of Belgium as birth place. It may indicate the distance and the time from the center until the edge or have relation with the nationality of Norwegian.

Each one has an attraction, but, they may be a little bored at walking around the town, because there is no notable one, and the majority is usually used now, so it is impossible to enter in the interior with rich ornament, besides the art-nouveau is lack of the device in the town planning compared with Baroque.

When I visited Alesund, I thought of Kobe City of Japan which was damaged by earthquake. After the earthquake, the reconstruction of the town was done with high speed, although a part of locals didn't receive benefit. The townscape realized by the reconstruction was lack of the long term vision as town and was designed cheaply without the total directivity, so, in the future, the area may be abandoned by rapid drop of the attraction which the cheapness of design generates.

Alesund is contrastive. It realized the reconstruction with townscape which would be maintained on the time and make increase the value as the time passes. What is the reason? Alesund is a town which suggests the methodology of reconstruction for disaster.

Transportation : One hour floght from Oslo

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Upload : January, 2004

photo by Daigo Ishii