Cubism architecture, Prague, Czech

Cubism was one of the important art movement in 20 center. The majority of the cubism art was picture and the center of the movement was Paris, but, only in Czech apart from Paris, the cubism were applied to the architecture. In Prague as a capital of Czech, the wonderful works of the cubism architecture exist.

Those, which appeared in the limited area between the short term and disappeared soon, still have an atmosphere with freshness but painfulness.

In Prague city abundant of the historical architectures, it seems to me that the cubism architecture was designed in order to state an objection for the authority and authentic architecture. The cubism architect must have thought that changing the design of surface was changing the society.

Between the long time when the storm of cubism ended and Czech shifted to the war then socialism, the architecture had been forgotten to metamorphose. The cubism architect who had shined in the epoch preferred to live as a usual functionalism architect.

Transportation : At the various points in Prague downtown.

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Upload : January, 2004


photo by Daigo Ishii