Cool Taipei City-02

New thing and old thing, high-rise thing and low-rise thing, high-cost place and low-cost place, high speed and slow speed, earliness in the morning and lateness in the night, and high-technique and low-technique. The dynamicity of range which composes of the town is an attraction of Taipei. It is similar to Tokyo but the character of Taipei is that the majority of the town are covered with the similar quality of range without difference.

The reason I feel Taipei as convenient is the dense sense of people, that the places or things are neatly utilized, and that the town has a freshness realized by maintaining the town and street cleanly and the people movement or jam with marvelous order though the various things are mixed complicatedly.

Even the small and old-fashioned temple packed between the contemporary architectures is taken good care by locals not as an object of protection but as an object of belief. They keep clearly and many young and old locals always visit for offering incense stick. We are not in the third world but in the biggest city in one of the countries with most advanced technique.

The balconies, which each family makes project from the exterior wall of a little dirty apartment with about 30 to 40 years history, let us know that the people who are not anonymous live here and continue living here.

Such a city doesn't easily exist in other countries!

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Upload:February, 2007

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Taipei 100


Photo by Daigo Ishii