Townscape of Lukang-02

Explanation of the Photos

4. Townscape with neo-occidental style along Fusing Road : Those were constructed in the time of the end of the Ching destiny to the time under the rule of Japan. The large number and high quality of the architectures exist even now although those are old-fashioned because of being not maintenanced very much and are not notable since the new and showy sign boards project from the facades. Compared with the traditional architectures introduced mainly in the tourist information in Lukang, this townscape still seems not appreciated highly though the speedy protection is necessary.

5. The entrance of local houses : The local houses in Lukang have a common style, but it is not strict and the variety of detail shows its tolerance and abundance of variation.

6. Small temples : In Lukang, there are so many temples that it would seem that each small district association has it. Locals take care of each temple with incense sticks and offerings. Some small temples are designated as a national cultural assets although those locate discretely in the townscape.

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4. Townscape with neo-occidental style along Fusing Road

5. Entrance of local houses in Old townscape district

6. Small temples scattered in the town

Photo by Daigo Ishii