Maldives islands as a small whole world

It was casual that I went to Maldives Island. So, I had no strong expect for it, But, I understood that a place where many people visit over sea has the reason.

One resort for one island. The island's size is 20 minutes to 1 hour's walk for a round even in the largest island. It has a package of all facilities necessary for staying, and the beach, the coral reef and the reef edge where the tropical fishes migrates is so close that they could reach soon by walking or swimming. The world is a size that a man can grasp easily.

They can see the instant of sunrise when the sun appears from the horizon and the instant of sunset when the sun disappears to the horizon within the range of some seconds or some minutes walk. The island reflects directly the change of light or wind from the morning to the evening that the earth creates, and they sense that they are with the world.

The fauna and flora are not abundant. It would be an ecosystem in a small island or a result of development ? Anyway, in the island, they can find no unexplored part or no unknown nature that stirs up uneasiness, differing from American TV drama 'LOST'. Since the island is surrounded by sea, they don't encounter with suspicious outsider or beach peddler. The people staying there are only guests and staffs whom only one resort for one island authorizes, and the staffs are calm and disciplined.

In the island, the possibility of all unknown things disappears and they can experience, in the state without stress or anxiety, a sense that they preside the world and the world is in them. The sense like an essence of relaxation is a charm of Maldives, and they cannot experience it in the resorts of continental or big islands although those have the same cottage or the same beach.

The time in Maldives is temporary for the tourists and, after a week vacation, they have to go back to the place full of stress. And, in fact, this resort oneself is not independent in food, fuel or construction material, so it is only a part of world. Besides, the white sand beach seemed to be maintained by the supply of new sand due to the wave erosion. A large amount of sand flows out to outer ocean via the canal for passing the ferrey boat. Due to the influence of Global Warming, the islands may need the artificial back-up.

In a cold view, it is only a fiction and, if, in the actual earth, a place like it may not possibly exist except fictional place, Maldives islands is the supreme fictional place where they can dream of the origin which might exist once.

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Photo by Daigo Ishii