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Maldives is a country composed of 1200 islands on Indian Ocean.

The number of inhabited islands is 300, and about 100 islands are developed as a tourist resort, while, in 200 islands of the rest, the locals live. As an Islamic nation, the government divides severely the localsユ islands from the resort islands with one resort for one island so that the locals would not communicate with tourist. Except the case that the tourists visit the locals island near the resort temporally in the way of island hopping, the tourists are required a special permission under severe check by the administration in order to go to the locals' island.

It seemed that Maldives is an opened resort country, but, in fact, it has a country with peculiar closeness by utilizing the geographic isolation. Though, it is no country where all information is controlled but a country about which you will find the homepages of municipality for locals or Internet news on Internet.

Male island as a capital is the only spot in Maldives where the tourist and locals usually contact. Maldives has an impression of paradise on the ocean, but, do you know that it is one of countries with highest population density in the world, that is, 330,000 persons of population for 298 km2 of land area and 1,100 persons of density per 1 km2 ? It is the density included uninhabited islands, so, if calculated for only inhabited islands, the density becomes higher.

Specially, Male island is exceptional. In this island, 81,000 locals live in 1.8 km2 of land area with 2 km length and 1 km width, that is, the density of 45,000 persons per 1 km2. It is also one of the cities with highest density in the world. In Tokyo as a capital of Japan, the density based on the inhabited locals is about 20,000 persons per 1 km2 in the central area, and the density in the daytime in the business area is about 35,000 to 70,000 persons per 1 km2. The density of Male island is equal to Tokyo or surpasses it.

When they go to Male island via boat, the island with many tall buildings suddenly appears on the sea as if it were a mirage. Between other islands covered with green, it seems to be a Computer Graphics image.

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Transportation : 15 minutes by ferry from Male airport island to Male island.

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Photo by Daigo Ishii